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Enterprise training management systems

We offer multiple Learning Management Systems to assist HR/L&D teams administer online and face-to-face training programmes. Most online learning providers have a one-size-fits-all approach, shoehorning a preferred system to all comers whether or not it suits your training model. In contrast, Global Vision does things very differently.

We offer not one, but four different Learning Management Systems with different features and functions to suit different needs. Whether your company is looking for a low-cost user-friendly system to deliver and report compliance training, through to a system that extends to managing appraisals and designing learning plans to a competency framework, we have a solution for you. No matter which solution you adopt, you will join Australia’s oldest and largest LMS supplier.

Best Practice Learning Management Procurement

We have observed many LMS selection processes over our 23 years in the eLearning space. Some have been more successful than others. While we do offer our own platforms, our courses are platform agnostic so we also advise on best practice platform selection. This whitepaper outlines how you can avoid pitfalls when selecting an LMS.

Learning management system

NetDimensions Talent Suite

NetDimensions Talent Suite is an award-winning, multilingual LMS that is designed for the needs of organisations in high consequence industries who are exposed to legal risks through compliance obligations. It is the word’s number one choice wherever an organisation needs to find a simple and comprehensive solution to avoid risks associated with legal compliance. NetDimensions Learning is the number one choice in sectors such as Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Transport, Financial Services, and Power Utilities.

Blueprint Learning

Blueprint Learning is a cost effective but powerful mid-range Learning Management System for managing eLearning and classroom training. Learners are presented with an intuitive dashboard from which they can launch courses or browse catalogues or calendars to enrol. Policy documents are provided and Blueprint Learning generates printable completion certificates. Administrators use a range of reports and dashboards that chart high level data with options to drill down to access detailed information.

Blueprint Lite

While we do offer full featured LMSes, we know that not all organisations are in a position to undertake a system procurement process simply to get started with online staff training; that’s where our Lite option comes in. Blueprint Lite will deliver online learning courses to your organisation and provide completion reporting.

Saba Cloud

Saba delivers a cloud-based Intelligent Talent Management System used by leading organisations worldwide to hire, develop, and engage with their people. Saba’s approach to talent management- recruiting, learning, performance succession-incorporate machine learning technology, social collaboration, and mobile capabilities to help organisations adapt to the future of work. This cloud based solution is powered by Saba Cloud, a highly scalable platform that exceeds industry security and reliability standards.


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