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Global Vision Media believes that learner engagement is critical to success. Using proven pedagogical approaches, intuitive interfaces and rich media we ensure that all of our courses are both effective and fun for your team.

  • SCORM compliant
  • Visual and interactive with limited text
  • Engaging with high quality video
  • Updated continuously reflecting up-to-minute information
  • Built from the ground up with new HTML framework for delivery on any device, anywhere


Compliance training is an essential part of onboarding new staff and maintaining compliance. The task is to ensure team members understand what is appropriate in the workplace.


Induct new members into your organisation with custom built modules.
Using our template and your content we’ll create an organisation specific Induction.

Course Development

Global Vision was a pioneer in online learning in Australia. Unlike those who build generic eLearning, we are award winning educators who care about learning outcomes. We’re invested in staff safety and progression. Ticking boxes with one-size-fits-all generic materials does not achieve positive outcomes. The results speak for themselves; with cost effective materials that resonate and deliver provable outcomes.

Soft Skills

We offer more than 200 soft skills and personal development courses across 12 strategic areas. Our comprehensive catalogue of Cegos courses are engaging and pedagogically developed. Created by one of the world’s leading professional training companies with more than 80 years of experience.

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