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Perth City Council Kicks a Learning Goal
LG Online Learning has been transforming learning for council staff across Australia for a year now and we read with interest an article from City of Perth recently where they [...]
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Compliance musings as I circumnavigate the bay
I am a pilot. A year ago, I decided I wanted to fly a plane. I did it because I have one leg… people assumed flying wasn’t an option for [...]
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What on earth was he thinking??
“Disgraced former Education Department official facing criminal charges for corruption”. He stole millions of dollars from the state’s schools and spent them on restaurants, wine, parties. And now prison, public [...]
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Recruitment and Training – one coin, two sides
It is not always practical to recruit for skill as we know but I’d argue it’s not always desirable either. All organisations are attracted to the idea of recruiting those [...]
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Online Training: how the scam operates
A look at some of the training sector’s darkest secrets… Today I spoke to the victim of a very cunning scam. There’s no other way I can describe his experience. [...]
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It’s not the online medium that’s the problem, it’s the attitude!
Ultimately all education and training is about knowledge transfer. Part of this is the movement of information from one party to another but knowledge is far more than information. Knowledge [...]
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