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Australian Owned and Operated

We are different in so many ways. The entire Global Vision team, including our help desk, our designers and our developers, are based in Australia. Rest assured that your private data can never leave Australia and is secured in our ISO27001-security certified centres.

We believe in transparency in billing. We never charge for you to use other vendors’ courses on our LMSes. You will never receive an unexpected invoice and will never be charged for making ‘too many requests’ for support because we offer unlimited calls.

If you are tired of poor levels of support and poor customer service, you will welcome our helpful and responsive approach. We encourage our clients to ask us for best-practice online training management tips & tricks. In short, we deliver a transparent, friendly and comprehensive support process.

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Award Winners

Global Vision Media (GVM) has 23 years’ experience in the design and development of eLearning. We have two Australian Institute and Development Awards, a LearnX Award and even a Logie Award!

GVM has been one of the lead organisations in the introduction of digital resources and their evolution in the Australian education environment.

We helped to develop the methodologies that have now become industry standards. Our approach to projects is therefore based on extensive experience built up since digital media resources first appeared.

Tech Experts

We develop and implement solutions that tick everyone’s boxes, and are fully integrated with other systems already in place. Our processes are flexible, designed to accommodate each client and to integrate seamlessly with the project management processes of our clients. We’ve worked with dozens of government departments and statutory authorities at local, state and federal level, as well as many of Australia’s largest corporations.

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Educators by Profession

From its inception, GVM recognised the need for the Australian education community to harness the potential of eLearning through innovative approaches to the design and delivery of education and training.

Before the advent of online learning, our multimedia projects commissioned by the Commonwealth Government were delivered on CD-ROM, the two most notable examples being One Destiny: the Federation Story (distributed to all Australian schools prior to the Centenary of Federation) and Discovering Democracy: Parliament Work. These projects were managed by the Commonwealth Government by the Learning Federation (now Education Services).

Working with GVM

Our clients know their staff. They value outcomes such as staff engagement, safety and quality above simply ticking boxes. For a quarter of a century, GVM has been the choice for Australian companies with a vision that is built around people.

They want certainty. Certainty that what they pay was what they were quoted and that support will be there when they need it. Certainty that courses are compatible. Above all, they want the certainty that their training program will deliver measurable outcomes and a return on the investment.

    Online Learning Experts

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    Peter Hawkins- Managing Director

    Peter began researching educational technology three decades ago and has long argued for genuine quality and openness in eLearning. Peter is determined to create online compliance and induction training that is focused on relevance and measurable outcomes.

    Ishti Latif- Technical Support Manager

    Ishti heads our technical team and is one of Australia’s foremost eLearning specialists. Ishti builds strong relationships with each client and this is key to our reputation for superior service and support.

    Online learning management system

    Rebecca Heywood- Account Manager

    Rebecca specialises in bringing together resources from across our organisation to help you plan for and implement your online learning. Rebecca’s aim is to ensure every clients individual culture and processes are reflected and that all the needs are fully met.

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