Perth City Council Kicks a Learning Goal

Perth City Council Kicks a Learning Goal

LG Online Learning has been transforming learning for council staff across Australia for a year now and we read with interest an article from City of Perth recently where they recount their experiences. In that time, 3,500 course completions have been logged – a number that was simply impossible before they moved their training online. Perth is delivering a combination of training built by Council and our LG Online Learning materials.

What’s even more satisfying is the breadth of reach of staff training. The council chose to set up a dedicated IT kiosk for their outdoor staff as part of their move online. While LG Online Learning is designed to allow these workers to use their mobile devices, Perth’s approach has allowed their system CityLearn to deliver LG Online Learning’s compliance courses (Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Workplace Bullying and Harassment) to a diverse workforce, many of whom have limited computer access.

This approach is similar to one that we adopted with 1-Stop some years ago. In that instance, the result was that security training was made available to stevedore workers nationally as part of a government mandated security upgrade. The Australian Institute of Training and Development awarded us their coveted Strategy Award for providing support and infrastructure to a workforce with low levels of IT literacy.

City of Perth is now undertaking a study to determine just how much the transformation from face to face training to online learning – funds which can now go towards improving their offering. Given the dramatic reduction in training downtime by Council officers, the results are expected to be impressive and we look forward to seeing the results!

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