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Global Vision works with employers to train staff across your organisation.

Every HR Department understands that quality training is an essential part of onboarding new staff and maintaining compliance.

The problem is how to deliver the required training in a way that is:

  • Engaging
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Fully Integrated to existing systems

We have re-imagined the delivery and form of training to produce relevant and interactive compliance and induction training. Creating a safe environment for individuals and organisations- it’s a win, win.

Online Workplace Bullying Training

Reviewing your company induction process?
Wondering what topics to include?

Enterprise organisations are required to deliver training to cover off a host of regulations, policies, and procedures that apply across the organisation. Some are required of everyone, others are role-specific. Typically, compliance training is delivered as part of the company’s induction. Topics vary but should include bullying and harassment, privacy, health & safety, equal employment and applicable codes of conduct, as a starting point.

The Global Vision Academy Compliance Suite will educate your employees effectively and efficiently. Each legally validated course takes 30 minutes or less to complete and can be delivered in any SCORM compliant learning management system.”

Our Courses


Essential courses covering the required areas of training.


Courses to welcome new members to the organisation.

Custom Course

Working with your organisation to build custom courses.

Soft Skills

Large catalogue of personal development courses by Cegos.


The solution is GV Academy

Enterprise training management system

Clear and Concise

Uses interactives to prevent text overload.

Transparent Pricing

Single All-exclusive fee plus free updates, guaranteed.

Online workplace bullying training

Popular with your Team

Engaging, Informative courses compatible with any device.

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Flexible Delivery Options

Local to your LMS, our LMS, or free hosting available.

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Learning Management Systems

Global Vision’s other expertise lies in providing and integrating:

  • Learning Management System platforms
  • Talent Management System platforms

GV Academy courses can be delivered on your existing LMS, our LMS, or with our free hosting solution.

Let us know on first contact if you are interested in discussing our LMS options. Unlike most companies in this space, we aren’t tied to one particular system. We offer 3 different systems, and we know that one of these will be a “best fit” for your needs.

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